The investigation into Jeffrey Wall Delk, a former employee at the University of Georgia, is continuing following his arrest and charging with 43 counts of sexual exploitation of a child. On Wednesday morning Delk's bond was set at $25,000.

Delk, 51, was charged with possessing pornographic material featuring children, engaging in explicit acts including vaginal, anal and oral intercourse and masturbation with adults and other children. He could face additional charges, according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department release.

ACCPD and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are working Delk’s case with the UGA Police Department assisting. Delk worked at UGA from 2000 until his resignation following his Nov. 26 arrest. At the time of his resignation as the assistant director of development for gift and estate planning.

Tom Jackson, vice president for public affairs, said UGA faculty and staff are unlikely to comment on Delk.

“It’s a criminal matter and there is no purpose served in us talking about anything other than he came to work here in 2000, and he resigned during the investigation,” he said. “It doesn’t serve the University well to be commenting on him or characterizing him when he is facing such serious criminal charges.”

UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said, “nothing that he was doing was at work.”

Other UGA employees have been arrested for this crime. In 2010 former UGA employee Daniel Anthony Henson was arrested and charged for sexual exploitation of children, according to a Red & Black article.

In 2007, a UGA former part-time instructor who taught English courses in 2003 was arrested on 10 counts of the same charge, according to a Red & Black article. Williamson said the kinds of crimes Delk is accused of don’t come up often. He said of UGA’s approximately 44,000 population (faculty, staff and students), some are bound to make mistakes.

“You've got to figure there are 10,000 employed staff, they are going to do what the rest of the world does,” he said. “Just because they work here doesn’t somehow make them immune to some of the bad decisions that people make.”

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