After University of Georgia police responded to an intrusion alarm, they found nine UGA students trespassing at Sanford Stadium early Thursday, UGA police said.

Marshall Mosher, former vice president of the Student Government Association from 2012-2013, Lesley Stapley, Jamie Gottlieb, a former employee at The Red & Black, Shaun Kleber, Elizabeth Ridgeway, Sarah Walls, Colton Houseman, Rachel Paleg and Tucker Green — all UGA students — received a barring notice of 60 days and were given a warning, police said in the report.

Upon arrival, police spotted the students who were all wearing “dark colored athletic clothing” in the stadium, and when they made eye contact, the group ran up the stairs toward the 200 level, police said.

Police lost sight of the group, but later caught up with two of them near the Biology Building and the rest near the Chemistry Building, police said.

Paleg and Stapley, the two found by the Biology Building, admitted to entering Sanford Stadium through Gate 8, which was secured but was “ajar enough for them to slide through,” police said.

Paleg and Stapley went with police to the location of the rest of the group so they could confirm that they were also in Sanford Stadium with them, police said.

After originally denying having entered the stadium, Gottlieb, Mosher, Kleber, Ridgeway, Walls and Green all eventually admitted to also having trespassed, police said.

Police said since there was no damage to the stadium, the students will not be charged with criminal trespass but are barred from the stadium for 60 days.

This is the third act of trespassing reported in Sanford Stadium this semester.

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