The bus arrives at the Memorial Hall stop at 10:58 a.m., precisely when the dispatcher said it would.

The driver, Bob Lang, sits in the driver's seat talking to a nearby student.

He tells everyone to 'have a nice day' and announces all the stops, even when there's only one person riding the bus.

Lang is a self-described "people person," who loves chatting with students who sit in the "jump seat" -- the one closest to the front door.

The first thing Lang said he tells new acquaintances is that "sometimes I have to check my sanity with this Georgia heat."

Originally from New Hampshire, Lang lived in Alaska for 23 years. The army initially sent him there to be trained in cold-weather warfare, and he stayed.

Lang, who has been driving a bus for four years, said he moved to the South for love.

He said he moved to the area in May 2000 to be with Lynnette Aldrich, who he married five months later.

He said he calls their marriage "an internet success story." Lang met his wife through an online personal ad.

"She'll probably kill me because I told you, but she'll get a kick out of it," he said.

Lang's wife was a student and employee at the University when he moved here. He said he got a job at Campus Transit because he had a commercial driver's license and "they were hiring."

Now, Lang, 58, said he always looks forward to stopping at Gilbert Hall, where some days his wife will get on and then eat lunch with him at the Tate Student Center.

Lunch lasts exactly 33 minutes, the time it takes the Family Housing bus to get from the Tate Center back to Memorial Hall. Lang times this break on the stopwatch function on his black watch.

Lang said he also times the stops along his 45-minute Family Housing Route. He likes to keep his bus on time, and will even pause for 45 seconds at Family Housing Building S to keep the bus exactly on time.

Lang added that he reports in at 6:35 in the morning and gets off at 2:43 p.m. -- if he is on time.

He runs a strict bus route, and said he has no tolerance for profanity.

"I will not allow foul language on my bus," Lang said. "I've asked a student to leave before. We have permission to do that."

Lang said he is a Christian and likes to play The Fish, the local Christian radio station.

His wife said they are both members of a Christian Motorcycle Association. She said her husband started riding motorcycles in his teens.

"He still rides, but sometimes it's difficult, especially with me on the back," she said.

But it is Lang's helpfulness -- not his stance on profanity or love for motorcycles -- for which he is known.

Ron Hamlin, manager of Campus Transit, said Lang is a "good operator and a good driver. He's very conscientious."

And Dustin Jenkins, a junior from Jonesboro, said, "He's probably in the top tier of UGA bus drivers."

Freshmen Tim Kiser of Marietta and Lacy Williams of Gainesville said though they've only been on campus for a few weeks they know Lang is a "great, nice guy."

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