Still top five, but falling.

Georgia was ranked the No. 5 party school in country Monday in rankings issued annually by Princeton Review. Two years ago UGA was ranked No. 1 but last year fell one spot to No. 2.

West Virginia holds the top-ranking this year, followed by Iowa, Ohio University and Illinois. In the Southeastern Conference, Florida (No. 6), Ole Mississippi (14), South Carolina (17) and Tennessee (20) join Georgia in the top 20.

Among other rankings, UGA places in to the top 20 in Lots of Hard Liquor (4), Best Health Services (5), Jock Schools (6), Best College Newspaper (10), Lots of Beer (13), Students Pack the Stadiums (14), Best Campus Food (15) and Lots of Greek Life (19).

The Princeton Review rankings are based on student surveys.

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Ted Michael Morgan
Ted Michael Morgan

I think I was there two years before I attended a party. I did not drink distilled spirits until the near near end of my junior year (at a party to celebrate a man who later was the head of the Distilled Spirits Council).

We did have great health services. I think our campus is lovely though not as lovely as Virginia, Princeton, UC Santa Cruz, or Stanford. The R&B is a joy.

Ted Michael Morgan
Ted Michael Morgan

Of course, almost every day was a kind of party. "Playboy" once reported that UGA is not a party school but a state supported country club. In some ways, it was when I was a student. Even as an Independent, I helped deocrate homecoming displays and attended Greek parties sometimes. There is nothing wrong with a party.

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