"Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm a pushover." Unfortunately, there isn't a support group for people with my problem.

Most people wouldn't even consider it a problem. You're too nice? Yeah, sucks for you.

What they don't realize is how much being "too nice" can actually be a bad thing. Here's an example:

Boy meets girl. Boy dates girl. Boy breaks up with girl. Repeat twice. In normal-girl world, some things are unforgivable; in my world, where "the grudge" is just a bad horror flick, few transgressions will get you erased from my life.

I always forgive, and more often than not, I forget. Anger just isn't a worthwhile emotion for me. I'm slow to anger and quick to recover.

No matter how much I want to be angry, I just can't manage it for very long. It's exhausting to be mad against your nature.

I think my anger record is a month, under extreme duress.

I'm a doormat, by choice . is that better or worse than being one against my will?

In my entire life, I've been able to remain angry with very few people for an extended period of time. I can probably narrow it down to two: my sixth-grade health/PE teacher (I'm decidedly un-athletic) and my high school color guard instructor, but she didn't really like anyone.

I was talking to my roommate for next year the other day.

While I don't remember what exactly we were discussing, I do remember me agreeing to something and her telling me how great I'll be as a roommate because I'm so agreeable.

I'm glad people see me as a chill person - at the same time, once you're expected to be compromising, you are almost opening a Pandora's box of possible issues.

For the most part, I pride myself on my easygoing nature. I don't care what music is on in the car, what color the walls are painted or who drives to the mall. I'm a great roommate for that reason.

But at a certain point, not being able to say no to people can be a royal pain in the ass.

Being easygoing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

You've heard the phrase "moderation in all things"? That's my motto, except when it comes to saying yes to people.

My "say yes to life" attitude is much more ordinary than you might think.

Of course I can drive/clean my room/pick you up from downtown at 2 a.m.! You can't make it to class? Sure, I'd love to take notes for you!

Don't get me wrong; I do truly enjoy helping my friends out. Every once in a while, though, I'd love to be the mistress that everyone caters to, instead of the butler.


- Lauren Leschper is a page designer for The Red & Black

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