• August 3, 2015
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Our Staff


Jana French | Editor in Chief Email: Click to Email

Joseph Youorski | Managing Editor Email: Click to Email

Patrick Adcock | News Editor Email: Click to Email

Nicolle Sartain | Associate News Editor Email: Click to Email

Connor Riley | Sports Editor Email: Click to Email

Jackie Kinney | Assistant Sports Editor 

Schafer Sirmer | Variety Editor Email: Click to Email

Dillon Thompson | Assistant Variety Editor

Savannah Sturkie | Views Editor Email:Click to Email

Andie Leeds | Design Editor

Taylor Carpententer | Photo Editor Email: Click to Email

Samuel Wilson | Chief Photographer

Morgan Brown | Social Media Editor

Rebecca Burns  | Editorial Adviser Email: Click to Email

Richard Banton | Staff Writer

Nathaniel Berg | Staff Writer

Charles Bond | Staff Writer

Emily Boyer | Staff Writer

Nate Bramel | Staff Writer

Cooper Casale | Staff Writer

Gabe Cavallaro | Staff Writer

Shannon Chase | Staff Writer

Benjamin Dell'Orto | Staff Writer

Taylor Denman | Staff Writer

Nikki Eggers | Staff Writer

Shelby Eggers | Staff Writer

Alex Estroff | Staff Writer

Justin Fedich | Staff Writer

Daniel Funke | Staff Writer

Elizabeth Gerber | Staff Writer

Emily Giambalvo | Staff Writer

Evan Greenberg | Staff Writer

Elizabeth Grimsley | Staff Writer

Charlette Hall | Staff Writer

Zachary Hansen | Staff Writer

Justin Hubbard | Staff Writer

Wesley Jones | Staff Writer

Mariya Lewter | Staff Writer

Abby McHan | Staff Writer

Martha Nixon | Staff Writer

Sammy O'Brien | Staff Writer

Cody Pace | Staff Writer

Joe Reisigl | Staff Writer

Coral Rogers | Staff Writer

Leighton Rowell | Staff Writer

Tyler Serritt | Staff Writer

Austin Smith | Staff Writer

Jake Stansell | Staff Writer

Jaylon Thompson | Staff Writer

Kendall Trammell | Staff Writer

Katelyn Umholtz | Staff Writer

Mariana Viera | Staff Writer

Jorden Wade | Staff Writer

Casey Williams | Staff Writer

Savannah Wilson | Staff Writer

Tyler Cain | Photographer

Jacob Egan | Photographer

John Roark | Photographer

Joshua L. Jones | Photographer

Timothy DeWitt | Photographer

Garrett Leffelman | Photographer

Gabi Rosenthal | Photographer

Lauren Sloan | Photographer

Rainey Gregg | Videographer

Hannah Mahoney | Page Designer/Writer

Monica Padilla | Page Designer

Jake Schaffer | Page Designer

Mikael Walker | Page Designer



Advertising Director Email: Click to Email

Student Advertising Manager Email: Click to Email

Savannah Rybski | Account Executive

Luke Bergstrom | Account Executive

Melissa Morris | Account Executive

Alex Pierce | Account Executive

Eric King | Account Executive

Morgan McMains | Account Executive

Aubry Snow | Account Executive

Paige Thompson | Account Executive


Dan Roth | Creative Director Email: Click to Email

Victoria Nikolich | Student Production Manager

Marcella Caraballo | Production Staff


Natalie McClure | General Manager Email: Click to Email

Laurel Holland | Interim Ad Manager Email: Click to Email

Ashley Oldham | Office Manager Email: Click to Email

Chandler McGee | Business Assistant/ Inside Sales Manager

Dylan Floyd | Classifieds & Promotions Manager Email: Click to Email

Alicia Gant, Dan Clifford, Brian Galgon, Megan McNerney, Russell Abad, Dylan Floyd Promotions Team Members

Emily Laramy, Cory Schenck, Ian Carroll  Distribution Assistants

John Berrigan. John Landers | Circulation Assistants