Sophomore Josh Dawson spent his freshman season playing outside linebacker, but in the early days of preseason camp Dawson has spent time working at defensive end with an eye on a permanent move.
Dawson was indifferent to which position he would see the most time at this season.
"It really doesn't matter to me," he said. "Standing up, hand in the dirt, it's all the same thing to me."
One advantage, Dawson said, of pulling double-duty is that it allows him to study the entire defensive playbook and gain a better knowledge of the system as a whole.
"I'm learning the whole defense," he said. "It's something new. I'm studying the whole playbook."
Dawson could spend the season jumping back and forth between positions depending on how defensive coordinator Todd Grantham thinks Georgia stacks up against its opposition each week.
"Some days I might be in nickel, playing nickel end. I might get a lot of snaps there," he said. "Some games I might play base, and he'll throw me in at end or get me in some at linebacker."
Dawson described the first three days of camp working at defensive end as a "learning experience."
"I'm doing the same thing kind of," he said. "Most outside linebackers sit on the edge or speed rush in. At d-end, sometimes you've got to go inside and mess with the center, tackle or guards. That's all something new to me, but it's all a learning experience. It's all good."
Uncertainty may loom over what position Dawson will play this fall, but his focus is on the team and its goal. 
"Wherever on the field I can help the Bulldogs," he said. "We've got a goal this year."
Sheldon Dawson on Shaq Wiggins: "He's like a lion."
Freshman cornerback Shaquille Wiggins was one of Georgia most highly touted recruits in the 2013, despite a diminutive 5-foot-10, 165 pound frame. 
Following Saturday morning's practice, sophomore corner, and probable starter, Sheldon Dawson heaped praise on the freshman.
"Most people look at him and automatically count him out. [They] go against him because of how small he is," Dawson said. "He's like a lion, on the field. Nobody can stop him."
Dawson said he met Wiggins during their respective recruitments a few years ago and the two have grown close since. 
"I built a relationship with Shaq a long time ago, from when I was getting recruited and he was getting recruited," Dawson said. "He's like my little brother."
Dawson doesn't believe Wiggins' size matches up to his determination on the field.
"Shaq's a real talented guy who most might say he's undersized, but I can honestly say his heart is nowhere [near] undersized," Dawson said.
The Bulldogs are thin at corner, with the summer injury to Reggie Wilkerson and Kennar Johnson working at safety, meaning Wiggins is a prime candidate for early playing time.
"He knows exactly what's got to do," Dawson. "He knows he's got a big opportunity in front of him to play early and to help our team out."
Dawson said all the young corners on the team need to be prepared should their name be called at some point this season.
"You never know who's going to be out there come August 31st, or the next game, or the next game," he said. "They've just got to stay ready and pushing each other, so whoever might be out there, they'll know exactly what to do."

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