Observations from the four periods of practice (five minutes each, 20 minutes total) the media was permitted to view on Monday: 

  • Five players were seen wearing green jerseys: Cornerbacks Branden Smith, Damian Swann and Malcolm Mitchell; tailback Brandon Harton and tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith. This did not prevent them from practicing, however, as all five took part in drills with their respective units.
  • The tight ends engaged in a drill that saw them take off after the snap and run around strategically placed cones to help them to fine-tune their route running. "Drive out!" tight ends coach John Lilly instructed. "This is a drill of how fast you can run and change direction."
  • Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was physical with the outside linebackers, serving as a blocker in a drill for his players. The players had to shed off the blocker (Grantham) and hit a tackling dummy that represented the ball carrier. Grantham praised Ramik Wilson's prowess during the proceedings, telling him "That a way, Ramik!" After the drill, the next assignment called for the linebackers to start hitting each other. Each player served as the "hitter" and the "hit," alternating turns.
  • Kolton Houston, Watts Dantzler and Caleb Drake received extra feedback from offensive line coach Will Friend during one of their blocking run-throughs. With their hands on the ground in what appeared to be a "heavy," goal-line set, the trio was supposed to pull off their initial block and into a second defender. "Off the angle, off the ricochet," Friend told them. "If he [the defender] don't get to you, just keep going."
  • Grantham wasn't the only coach to partake in drills with his players. Serving as a defender in a cover 2 formation, wide receivers coach Tony Ball was vocal with his group. "You were reaching for that!" he informed sophomore Chris Conley. "You've got to run through it! You've got to be in control of your angles!"
  • Georgia men's basketball coach Mark Fox was in attendance, staying in the background closest to the Butts-Mehre building for the duration of the media-allotted viewing time.

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