The media were allowed to view three five-minute practice sessions on Tuesday.

Here are some notes and observations from The Red & Black:

  • The running backs, fullbacks and quarterbacks operated together during all three periods that the media had access to. The three units began by running a triple option set with the quarterbacks handing the ball off to the fullbacks, and then feigning the potential option toss to the running back alongside him on the outside.
  • The wide receivers began by running back quick curl routes. One of wide receiver coach Tony Ball's primary focuses during the drill was ensuring that receivers made right spin moves off the reception to begin getting down field with urgency.
  • The entire offensive unit, linemen excluded, joined together for the second and third periods, running 7-on-7 passing drills against the scout team defense. The first-, second- and third-team offenses ran a variety of different sets with the first-team offense earning the most positive recognition from coaches. The coaching staff got particularly loud for an Aaron Murray-to-Arthur Lynch connection that earned an excited "Nice route, Artie," from offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.
  • There were a pair of drops from the first-team offense during the drill. Michael Bennett dropped a deep ball from Murray near the goal line, and Justin Scott-Wesley mishandled a Murray pass attempt on a short slant. Bobo was pleased with the drill, minus the drops, shouting afterwards "gotta catch the ball, but other than that, there's some good routes."
  • Meanwhile, the offensive linemen ran one drill for the entire 15 minute access. They began under a barricade and were forced to stay low before exploding forward from under the barricade and engaging on a defensive lineman dummy holding a mat. At first, offensive line coach Will Friend was displeased and kept saying "too soft," but was satisfied as the drill continued.
  • The only players in green jerseys were freshman inside linebacker Paris Bostick, redshirt freshmen outside linebacker Matt Stagg and redshirt freshman tailback Dominic Bryan.

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