Georgia first baseman Zachary Mitchell Sims was arrested and charged with DUI, improper driving and underage possession of alcohol Sunday morning, University of Georgia police said.

Police noticed a car driving southbound on East Campus Road that failed to maintain its lane, crossing over the double yellow lines and hitting the curb with the passenger side tires, according to the University of Georgia police report. 

When stopped by the police officer, Sims said he was coming from downtown and taking his girlfriend home, police said. The officer noticed bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong stench of alcohol.

Sims denied having any alcoholic beverages and complied with the officer's request to perform a field sobriety test, police said. Following the tests, the officer placed Sims under arrest.

The officer asked Sims to breathe twice into the breathalyzer device. The two results were .227 and .212, police said. Sims was charged with the lower BAC result.

When Sims was transported to the Athens-Clarke County jail, Sims reportedly asked the officer to turn the radio dial to 106.1 so he could listen to music. During the entire transport, Sims sang along to the radio. 

Sims was booked into Athens-Clarke County jail Sunday morning at 4:13 a.m. and was released on bond two hours later, according to the jail log.

Sims is the eighth arrested UGA athlete this semester. Four football players —   safety Tray Matthews, wide receiver Uriah Lemay, and defensive linemen Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoach — were arrested two weeks ago on charges of theft by deception. Freshman basketball guard J.J. Frazier was arrested last week for driving without a license. 

In January, two athletes — golfer Greyson Sigg and football cornerback Shaq Wiggins — were arrested for driving with a suspended license on separate occasions.

Sims could not be immediately reached for comment.

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