In the relatively short history of social media, there has been plenty of precedence to show that athletes' use of such platforms can cause problems off the field.

But can it also put players at a competitive disadvantage?

Around 5 p.m. on Sunday, sophomore offensive lineman Hunter Long (hlong73) tweeted:

"It's about that time!"

The picture linked in the message showed what looked to be an open Georgia playbook on the lap of a player, presumably Long.

The playbook showed the entirety of three plays, while also showing partial amounts of six other plays.

Long has 2,998 followers on Twitter, so the decision to post a picture of the playbook seems curious, especially since one of the first rules in most collegiate and professional football programs is to not show the playbook to anybody.

While the plays are probably similar to those found in any college playbook, the picture showed the names of the plays, individual blocking assignments and other information that may be specific to the Georgia program.

The Georgia Athletic Association policy on social media is to let the coaches handle any sort of institutional control or disciplinary reactions to athlete social media use.

So the response to Long's post, if there is any, will be determined by Georgia head coach Mark Richt and his coaching staff.

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prolably not a big deal since most fans think that UGA's offense is so predictable anyway....


The Playbook? Really? Didn't we see a movie with this stuff! Oh, Can't make this stuff up now can you?


Guys, come on. It's obviously satire! You're just too clueless to get its genius...


enjoy them steps at sanford stadium hunter cause yo fat azz would be runnin um if i was da coach duh huh

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