After a rough 2-5 start, the Georgia men’s basketball team is preparing to face arch-rival Georgia Tech in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Head coach Mark Fox has seen improvement, but hasn’t seen consistency.

“We’ve played well at times,” Fox said. “but we haven’t played a full 40 minutes.”

Fox believes developing maturity and consistency helps them play the full game, rather than taking several minutes off each night.

The defense is where Fox has seen the most improvement, but the offense is still lacking.

“Our defensive numbers are not far away from being in the area where we want them,” Fox said. “But offensively we aren’t getting to the foul line enough, shooting [and making] free throws.”

Fox is worried about offensive limitations, stating players other than Kentavious Caldwell-Pope need to step up and finish plays.

Caldwell-Pope is going to be a major part of the Bulldogs' offense, but Fox said he isn’t and can’t be the only contributor.

“We can’t put it all on one guy’s shoulders,” Fox said. “We need to find guys that can score, that’s probably our number one issue right now.”

Fox said he could see a lot of players playing better than they have shown so far, and that everyone needs to chip in more.

Another problem facing the Bulldogs is the lack of two-way athletes.

“For us, the guys who are really good defensively aren’t scoring enough and the guys who are scoring enough aren’t as good on the other end,” Fox said. “We’ve gotta make our guys a little more complete than how we are playing now.”

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great article! austin vaughn's articles elevate sports writing into art!


Sounds like UGA needs more generalists and fewer specialists on the court. A bit of koinonia would go a long way in helping the team strengthen itself.

Thanks again for a well written article, Mr. Vaughn.

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