Others will ask questions about former Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones’ Pro Day.

But none of those concerns worry Jones.

The two-time All-American, who has been projected as a top-five NFL Draft pick, put up not-so-stellar numbers in his drills on Thursday.

Jones ran a 4.92 40-yard dash, which would have been tied for second worst among linebackers at the NFL Combine had he worked out in the drills during mid-February.

Along with a lackluster performance in the 40, Jones recorded a 30.5-inch vertical leap that would have garnered him a tie for second worst at the Combine in his position group, as well a 9.3-inch broad jump.

Yet these numbers are irrelevant to Jones, as he believes his tape speaks for itself.

“I’m a football player. If they pick me for not being a football player the draft ain’t what it is because it’s about football right. I’m a football player that’s what I do,” he said. “At the end of the day you get those drills, I’m not saying they’re not worth nothing, but you get those the drills, run the 40 and all that stuff, you could get somebody off the street that could run a 4.3 but they can’t play football.”

While his measurables came up short, there is no arguing with Jones’ game film. Jones has been a pest to every offense he has faced, and led the nation in sacks (14.5), tackles for loss (24.5) and forced fumbles (seven) last season.

What his numbers from Pro Day don’t indicate is the type of player he is in the locker room — something that Jones has made clear to every team he has met.

“I’m a relentless player, I’m a leader in the locker room, on and off the field. Great character, I’m a playmaker I make plays,” Jones said. “I love this game, I’m passionate about it, I’m dedicated to it, I enjoy it. Any team that gets me, they’re going to have a great guy, a great football player, and someone that is willing to work hard and sacrifice everything that is going to be great.”

But the question is whether NFL teams will value his play and leadership more than his numbers on Pro Day?

Georgia head coach Mark Richt thinks they will.

“Coaches want leadership, they want a true professional, they want guys they could count on,” he said. “Scouts want it too, but most of the time scouts are more into the numbers and to how high a guy could jump or whatever it might be. Coaches understand that the personality of these guys is just as important as what they can do on the field for them.”

With Pro Day out of the way, Jones will have to prove his worth more than ever to NFL coaches as personal meetings and workouts take place.

Jones is already scheduled to meet with the Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs, who own the first pick of the NFL Draft on April 25.

Regardless of his Pro Day, Jones believes he is deserving of the first overall pick, and will continue to train like he's the best player in the nation.

“I had a goal to be No. 1 pick. I’m a competitor all day. I love this game, I’m going to continue to train like I’m the best, have the confidence like I’m the best,” Jones said. “I’m not arrogant at all, I just feel like I’m a productive player. I’ve proved it the past two years and I just got to keep continuing to get better, always improving on something. At the end of the day I think I’m the No. 1 player, that’s my opinion, that’s how I feel, and at the end of the day some team will get a great player.”

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