Position: Defensive End

School: Chamblee High School

Commitment Status: Florida State

Top Schools: Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee

Strengths: Bellamy’s biggest strength is his athleticism. He has a large, lean frame at 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds. Bellamy’s athleticism enabled him to master the pass rush in his high school career, and with a little work and strength training he will be a large factor in college. Bellamy also uses his athleticism to change directions quickly and with speed. Bellamy is a well-rounded athlete who grew up playing football and basketball, so he is very flexible in terms of what positions he can play in college. Bellamy is currently listed as a defensive end, but he also has the ability to play outside linebacker if needed.

Weaknesses: Bellamy is tall, but also lean. His lanky frame sometimes holds him back when fighting through offensive linemen. Bellamy has great athleticism and ability, but he will need to work on his strength if he wants to capitalize on his talents. Bellamy’s talents are fairly raw in terms of technique. Bellamy must work on his pass rushing technique as well as his ability to read the offense. Bellamy’s lack of strength is an area where a lot of rising college players must work to improve. If Bellamy is able to fill out his frame, he will be a true defensive threat.

Analysis: Bellamy is a highly-talented defensive player who has a lot of potential. While his body doesn’t outweigh the majority of defensive prospects, his athleticism does. Bellamy is the type of player who can positively affect a team’s defense as soon as he finds a position that best fits him. Bellamy will have to become stronger and work on his technique, but as soon as he improves on those areas he will be ready to see the field.

Final Take: Bellamy is committed to Florida State, but his decision could go any way at this point. Bellamy visited Georgia over the weekend and all indications state he was impressed with what he saw and heard. Bellamy told Scout.com he was still committed to Florida State, but otherwise Georgia and Tennessee are his top two schools at this point. Bellamy planned to visit North Carolina State next weekend, but the visit was cancelled. He has no visits scheduled for the coming weekend, so Georgia will continue to make a push for Bellamy in the final recruiting days. Bellamy is expected to announce his final decision on National Signing Day.

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