The World Ambassadors club at The University of Georgia has a mission to bring the international community together.

Anna Shoji, the president of World Ambassadors, said the club allows people to learn different global views.

“Our club goal is to spread international and cultural awareness at UGA,” said Shoji, a senior geography major from Alpharetta.

The club also hosts cultural and educational events in order to get UGA students more involved in international affairs.

“We try to organize events that international students and American students will want to come to,” Shoji said. “Basically we try to integrate cultures in our events.”

World Ambassadors is an organization within the International Student Life office, and it works with other ISL organizations to increase cultural awareness.

“Our organization strives to generate cultural exchange between the UGA students and international students,” said Ronke Olowojesiku, a junior genetics major from Acworth.

Shoji said in the fall, the organization holds tailgates, cultural festivals and field trips to different places.

“We had a field trip to Atlanta in the fall, and many international students came,” Shoji said. “During that trip we saw different Atlanta landmarks and got to see the Atlanta culture as well.”

Shoji said the trips they take are important in getting international students to engage in American life.

“We have a pumpkin patch trip in the fall because the whole fall pumpkin tradition is mainly an American thing, so it's a new cultural experience for a lot of international students,”Shoji said.

Sainabou Jallow said that as vice president she has to be in charge of organizing the events that the club is promoting.

“We basically try to have international culture for UGA students and UGA culture for the international students,” said the sophomore international affairs and economics major from Buford.

Olowojesiku said her favorite program the organization hosts is the World Feft event in the fall.

“World Feft allows different groups from different backgrounds to come together and they're all having fun together,”Olowojesiku said. “There are international performances and dances to see at the event.”

Other events the club organizes include a Botanical Gardens Day and educational events such as lectures on recent global issues.

“We're also going to try to do inter-religion dialogue and talk about the different religions of the world,” Jallow said.

Olowojesiku said she joined World Ambassador because she was interested in learning about the different cultures that were present at the University.

“My favorite part of the club is that it allows a lot of people to come out of their shells,” Olowojesiku said. “They form new friendships with people from different types of backgrounds.”

The organization is not limited to only international students. Everyone can join if they want.

“It's exciting to learn about how people's perspectives can be so different from yours because of where they grew up,” Jallow said.

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