The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia was named one of the top three journalism schools in the country according to a survey by the Radio Television Digital News Association.   

Grady College was named the third top school behind the University of Missouri at Columbia School of Journalism and Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism. Dean Charles Davis accepted the leadership position of Grady College in July 2013 after spending nearly 14 years at Missouri’s journalism school.

The annual survey sponsored by RTDNA garnered 1,321 votes. Approximately 43 percent of the respondents were professionals, 28 percent were students, 19 percent were non-news professionals and 11 percent were educators. 

“I'm delighted that our program has been recognized by such an important organization,” commented Telecommunications Department Head Ann Hollifield.  “Our faculty is deeply committed to preparing the next generation of journalists for the challenges and opportunities that await them, and it's wonderful to have their work acknowledged.  It also reflects the incredible talent and success of our alumni and students.  We are so proud of their accomplishments and contributions to digital and broadcast journalism.”

According to the release about the rankings, comments submitted by voters about UGA’s Grady College stated, “Grady is a dynamic program that produces well-rounded graduates who are prepared to work in journalism from the get-go.  The professors are dedicated and diligent to crafting these individuals and guide them to becoming independent professionals.”

"It's nice to be recognized,” commented Journalism Department Head Janice Hume, “but what has been really gratifying is to see our alumni share the news on social media and talk about how proud they are of the Grady College. That makes me happy."

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The RTDNA is the world’s largest professional organization exclusively serving the electronic news profession.  RTDNA members include local and network news executives, news directors, producers, reporters, digital news professionals, as well as educators and students.

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You know I like the idea of our country having quality journalists. These people are highly educated, they know how to express their thoughts and they are not afraid of it. These people are very interesting to talk to as usually they read lots of books and their grammar is on a very good level. So yes, it is great that we have some many journalism schools (by the why find papers on Journalism online to get a clue how real journalism writing looks like). Keep us posted!

Vanessa Collister
Vanessa Collister

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