Let us start with the stats.

Over 50,000 tickets sold. Over 12,000 minutes performed at the Georgia Theatre. Over 40 sold out shows at the same venue.

These statistics were given to us by no other than Wilmot Greene, as he made a rare appearance before Perpetual Groove was to take the stage. That alone showed the audience that this was a momentous occasion.

This was my first PGroove show, and for myself and everybody else in the venue, it is our last. Fans had come from throughout Athens, some even as far as Charlotte, N.C. Atlanta and Tennessee to watch this happen.

And as we could have predicted, we got everything we expected.

To begin, we had Ghost Owl, the project three members, Albert Suttle, Matt McDonald and Adam Perry, of Perpetual Groove will be working on in the future, perform its set. There aren’t that many changes between the two groups, and that was to be expected.

I think the music itself stays similar, but there are more vocals and a different tone to what we hear. It comes across as more relaxing.

What made this night so special though was the atmosphere. Because it was a sold out Georgia Theatre, it was near impossible to move in any direction. You got to your spot and you stayed put.

Dancing in many different motions, the members of the crowd had their own individual feel during the sets. During intermissions, there was conversing on various memories the band had given different fans.

Being front and center for that show, it was unbelievable to turn around and see the massive sea of people behind me. How I managed to get in the front row, I had no idea. I feel it was just as much luck as being one of the first people in the club.

Perhaps the best way to fully sum up what the band’s final show was like is a conversation I had with the girl standing beside me.

“Don’t you feel like the luckiest person in the world right now?” she asked as she kept dancing to the beat.

There was no other response that I could give rather than “Yeah, I do.”

With that, we bid adieu to Perpetual Groove. Thank you for everything.

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