After the first season, Revenge took a break, but it’s back in action in season two with as much scandal, deception and banded dresses as before.

Victoria continues to slither around, manipulating others to do what she wants. She seals a deal with Emily asking her to help keep Daniel in line with his new position as the CEO of Grayson Global.

Frankly, we all know he isn’t as conniving as the rest of the Graysons. He's in over his head, especially since he has the woman from The Initiative on speed dial.

The solid handshake between Victoria and Emily can only foreshadow the showdown I’ve been anticipating the whole season.

Victoria convinces Emily that Daniel still loves her, and Emily is flattered — not by his love, of course — but with the opportunity to use Daniel’s passion to ultimately succeed in her revenge.

She purposely makes a scene with Aiden so that Daniel witnesses them breaking up, which attracts Daniel to pursue her once again. I give it two more episodes before they are back together again.

I’m personally a Daniel fan, but Aiden’s foreign accent is hard to turn down.

As in most Revenge episodes, there is a philanthropy event that ends in chaos. This time Robert and Patricia Barnes are the hosts, and it just so happens Robert was the judge in the David Clarke trial.

After Emily initiates a tense discussion at dinner while at the Grayson’s, she encourages Patricia to expose her husband at the event. Patricia’s speech reveals Robert’s deception of power.

Emily can get that red sharpie out and cross him off. Another successful take down.

Meanwhile, Declan discovers the millionaires are hiding drugs in the Stowaway. In an effort to get rid of them he tells Jack, who tells the police.

The millionaires stash the drugs on The Amanda, and needless to say Declan’s makeout sesh with Charlotte is over. Big brother Jack comes to the rescue and takes the blame, which lands him in jail. First a baby, now drugs. What happened to rock n’ roll?

Not really much of a cliffhanger in the end, which was disappointing, but Emily is always full of surprises.

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