You’ve probably seen one, without realizing it.

Without the garb of their people, which is to say brightly-colored pajamas or gray skin paint with black wigs and candy corn-colored horns, they look like your average citizen. 

But anyone who has heard the phrase “let me tell you about Homestuck” knows better. They aren’t normal, not even by geek standards. These people are Homestucks.

So just what does “Homestuck” mean? Simple: it’s the (not very clever) nickname for a person who reads the webcomic Homestuck. As Trekkie is to Star Trek, Homestuck is to, well, Homestuck — a webcomic written and illustrated by Andrew Hussie, available to read for free on The comic began in 2009, updating a few pages at a time on a near-daily basis, and continues today with a projected end date of late 2013.

Due to its frequent updates, Homestuck is over 7,000 pages long, making it one of the largest literary works in the English language. Not only is it ridiculously long, it is frequently difficult to understand due to its out-of-order story-telling and time-jumping shenanigans.

Homestuck is unlike any webcomic you’ve read before. The format mocks old-school text-based adventure games, pretending to allow readers to input names and commands for the characters in the story. Also unlike most webcomics, which use multiple panels per page and speech bubbles for text, pages consist of a single image, with any dialog or narration occurring below the panel. Scattered throughout Homestuck are occasional Flash animations and even interactive games, complete with original music from its nine soundtracks.

So why are Homestucks scary? It’s probably their sheer numbers. Attend any anime, cartoon or gaming convention and there are bound to be hoards of Homestucks there, swarming around like colorful zombies. Since the webcomic is so unique in its format, Homestucks can attend any convention they feel is appropriate — which tends to be all of them.

Their activity on the internet shows a similar trend: it is difficult to avoid references to Homestuck on blogging sites, and hundreds of new works of fanart are uploaded to the internet every week.

Maybe their oddities make you uncomfortable — these people are far too old to be reading comics, to be playing dress-up, to be geeks! Everyone knows you are expected to eliminate anything unusual from your life by the time you are eighteen, lest you be driven from your home by an angry mob of “normal people.”

But should you be afraid of Homestucks? Sure there are a lot of them, and they’re a little bit strange, but unless you’re afraid of people that like to dress up in funny costumes and try and explain why they do what they do, probably not. 

Every group of fans has its crazies, but they’re generally decent people. They might be a little obsessed, but you probably have to be to stick around for 7,000 pages.

— Devan Scalise is a sophomore from Richmond Hill majoring in pre-journalism

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Just a random homestuck

Excuse me, but I don't particularly enjoy the way you address the Homestuck fandom. We're not too old. I'm not even in high school yet, and...
Well, we are certainly not the geeks you think we are.
Thank you anyways!
- a student


You are an incredibly close-minded neanderthal. We take so much pride in our precious comic because it is one of the greatest literary masterpieces of our generation. Get over yourself.


AHAHAHAHAHAHA, just HOW HIGH do you even have to BE just to DO something like that..........


I'm a pretty big fan of Homestuck, and i'll be the first to admit that there is a /certain/ aspect of the fandom that are a little overboard. However, this entire article is set out to portray Homestuck and it's fans in a completely negative fashion.

"The format mocks old-school text-based adventure games, pretending to allow readers to input names and commands for the characters in the story."

No. The format /parodies/ old school text-adventures, and it doesn't "pretend" to do anything, it imitates the input commands. For the first...10 minutes? If you would cease to be so close-minded and actually read past the first 5 pages, you'd have a slightly better platform to host your opinion.

"It is frequently difficult to understand due to it's out-of-order storytelling."
Well of-freaking-course it's difficult to understand something you haven't ACTUALLY READ. So how about Star Wars? That isn't in order, would you like to insult that too? Or how about ANY film/series/comic where the story isn't necessarily chronological.

Also, calling someone a "geek" because they enjoy something and follow it's fandom? 10/10 for originality.
I'm guessing you had a slow day at the office, so i'll leave it at that.




Could I just casually step in as a homestuck who ISN'T mad at this? (If you saw my tumblr post can you please not the sarcam? I thought it was obvious enough).
Please, homestucks, cast your minds back to all the more aweful reviews and such our fandom has had. This artical is not like them. It aknowledges (and provides links if readers want to check it out) that homestcuk is a very unique comic. It doesn't bash out a biased opinion based on something with nothing to do with the comic (e.g. homestuck-is-a-sin) and they don't write it off as poorly written despite having not read it themselves.
This artical also aknowledges that "Every group of fans has its crazies, but they’re generally decent people." Unlike many articals, it doesn't decide that just because we like a thing that we are inherinly bad people.
It may also be a good point that ANY GROUP in larg e numbers (especially one that is, mostly, grey and horney) is intimidating.
"It is frequently difficult to understand due to it's out-of-order storytelling." Is not a 'dig'. It is a description. It also adds to whay the people who stay with homestuckl are so obsessed- thoes who stay in the fandom are only the most dedicated ones, resulted in a dedicated fanbase.
"Geek" dosn't seem to be a dig either. The definition of "geek" is "one who has a tendancy to obsess". I don't think that requiers explaination.
All in all, this appears to be an artical with a twist ending. It HUMANISES our fandom by referring to us as PEOPLE. Which WE ARE and a lot of articals don't aknowledge this. This isn't an artical to prais OR to destroy us but meerly an anylysis and a means by with it says "don't fear them as they are just a fanbase".


An interesting article all said and done, but I do wonder at the assumption that one is expected to stop being a geek at the age of 18?
I've been a geek, and by that word I am using the definition "one who enjoys a topic to a high degree, be it an intellectual subject, or an entertainment subject, and expresses their enjoyment of such", since perhaps I was 17. It's only gotten better as I've gotten older and had more freedom to enjoy the subjects that engage me.


phththhhha! I love this! I happen to be a homestuck and this was pretty fun reading. XD you needn't fear the homestucks just keep a few of the newbies in check. Alot of them dont seal their paint or like to throw buckets which is grounds for a beating but otherwise i like this its funny.


This is probably the most hysterical thing I have ever read


fear us



We are dangerous people.
We know many ways of how to kill a person.
(Thanks to Hussie for killing off almost all the characters)


I was a little weary about reading this as a friend of mine was once interviewed about Homestuck and the resulting article was very rude and disappointing but this was a pleasant surprise! Thanks, this was a nice read :)


In all seriousness, Homestucks aren't scary (unless you have a really convincing Gamzee cosplayer). Don't be afraid to talk to us; we're just normal people!! Fearing someone just because they have a certain interest is just stupid! That's exactly like hating someone just for their religion or something.

Don't be stupid, please.


Yes, be afraid, be very afraid.
If we can read 7000 pages, dress up and be weird we totally can kill you before you can say "I don't want to know about Homestuck".


we warned you about those stairs, bro........


us homestucks aren't to bad, we don't do anything stupid or illegal so no need to fear
besides some homestuck groups i'm in do a lot of charity meet ups project can town gets food for homeless project calliope helps talk people out of suicidal thoughts and not to mention anything from the rspca cupcake day to any other number of good natured movement. it is highly likely to find homestucks or any other kind of cosplayer helping out with charities besides even if it seems childish to read a comic when you're gown it has given a lot of us something to do in life and has gained many friends for some who otherwise didn't socialize often

Vriska 8luh 8luh
Vriska 8luh 8luh

Fear us. We are the scariest fandom out there.

We were shown two characters. They weren't even given names and in two days we already had, genderbend, fanart, ship pairings, cosplay, amut, fanfictions, humanstuck, and more.
And also I know a lot of serious Gamzee cosplayers.

When you see one of us: Run.

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