Although he's not on meal plan, third year biology major Ben Miller chooses the bottom of Snelling as his prime napping spot. On a Tuesday I asked how often he frequents the Snelling couches. He laughs and says, "This would be the second time this week." Photo/Kaitlin Kent,

Everyone likes a good nap. Most would probably agree that the best place to catch some z’s would be at home in bed. But if you’re on campus all day with awkward breaks in between classes you will have to improvise. A visual survey of sleepy UGA students lead me to conclude that these are some of the best places to snooze on campus, although they are not in any particular order.

1. Field by Boyd

Just outside the Air Force building and behind Snelling there is an awesome field where you can stretch out and relax especially if it’s sunny out. The grass is exceptional here with short soft tufts to cushion your fatigued body. There aren’t many people roaming around on this part of campus, which means fewer noisy students to disturb your sleep.

2. Outside the Animal Science Building

Shady naps are the best naps. To the left of the main entrance of this building is a bench shaded by some trees where junior Animal Science major, Caroline Cummings likes to nap between classes. “Outside [the Animal Sciences] building there’s a nice bench to the left of the main entrance shaded by some trees that I’ve taken many power naps on,” she says. If you enjoy napping outdoors, this is the napping spot for you.

3. Couches on the fourth floor of Grady

Personally one of my all time favorite spots to nap. It’s air-conditioned and there are several couches on which you can chose to slumber. Most students on the fourth floor are studying so the noise is generally nonexistent. If you’re in Grady all day this is a prime place to take a siesta.

4. Park Hall

For all my English majors, the benches inside Park are a crucial element to your day. Although they are not the most comfortable benches they’re great for a quick power nap. The perfect length for the average person to stretch out on, take advantage of these wooden benches that are scattered around Park Hall.

5. If you have a hammock

Just outside of the Russell dorm there some perfectly distanced trees where many freshmen like to hang their ENO’s. Don’t have a hammock? Don’t be afraid to walk down there; you’re sure to make a friend. Hammocks are one of the most comfortable ways to nap. If you haven’t tried it yet, just trust me.

6. Bottom of Snelling

Photo by Kaitlin M. Kent

One of the best places for freshman to nap. Not only is it away from the upstairs noise but pre and/or post nap you can go get some tots and a turkey melt! Also ideal for upperclassmen or students not on meal plan because you don’t have to pay to go downstairs. The couches are pristine in comfort so make sure you set an alarm to wake up for your next class…or not.

Want to know where other UGA students doze on campus? Check out this UGA napping Tumblr.

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