Crocheting is a great hobby for sitting in class or watching TV and can produce some awesome products.

Most people sitting next to you in class are probably on Facebook or Pinterest-ing their dinner for tonight, but sophomore linguistics and cognitive science student Sara Dygert passes the time in and out of class with a more hands-on approach.

Dygert possesses a skill that not many college students have. It even allows her to relax while producing some pretty sweet products. She crochets.

Dygert attended a high school where, as a senior, students had to complete a 100-hour long project to develop a skill. A junior at the time, Dygert joined her friend who had started a crocheting club.

“I just went to it to support them,” Dygert says. “I wasn’t that into it at first, and then it took a really long time for me to figure out how to do anything, but she basically taught me how to do a single stich.”

At first Dygert was discouraged at the difficulty level but eventually tried again and loved it.

“It was really just soothing to just do something over and over again and eventually you end up with something,” she says. “I think I started really crocheting as a hobby like last year.”

The first thing Dygert made that she was really proud of was a scarf. “It was like this really huge — it was like 10 feet long which is way too long — scarf. It was this really nice burgundy color, and I really liked it a lot, and then I unraveled it all because I was like ‘what am I going to do with a huge scarf?’”

Dygert began making hats and dolls for her friends as practice, a task which, on average, takes six hours to complete.

Dygert’s favorite part of crocheting is giving someone one of her creations.

“I really like when I’m giving someone something,” she says. “Them just being excited about it, that’s really sweet. And if it’s just something I’m making for myself, I like after you’ve been doing it for 10 minutes [that] you get really Zen and into it.” 

Dygert tries to take her crocheting supplies everywhere she goes and occasionally crochets in class. “A lot of the time I ask the professor first. It would be super rude to crochet in class, and most of them have been like ‘yeah that’s fine as long as you’re paying attention.’”

So next time you’re surfing the web looking for a new way to take the boredom out of class, check out some videos on YouTube and maybe try your hand at crocheting.

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