Back in June, Dillon McCabe a.k.a. Stay At Home Dad released his first collection of songs, “1-800-STAY-AT-HOME-DAD.” Since that day, McCabe has managed to get his name out by playing sets at Scooterbabe’s long-awaited reunion show and on WUOG’s Live in the Lobby.

Although it’s the third song of “1-800-STAY-AT-HOME-DAD,” “late” breaks away from the hip-hop ideas of the previous two tracks to set-up a new sound for the release. Combining ideas from both dance-oriented songs and elements from slower, ethereal genres of electronic music, the track manages to create a mixture that’s catchy without sounding cliché.

Much like its stylistic description, “late” is a song chock-full of juxtaposition. While the song’s fast-paced synth backing and trap-influenced hi-hats give a feeling of energy, a slower kick-snare drum beat and dreamy, melting chords come together to give the song a relaxing quality.

Despite the contradictory styles present in “late,” McCabe manages to blend them together well, smoothly transitioning from one section to the next. Much like a dream, the song moves through different ideas without ever seeming to break the listener’s immersion.

While he’s described Stay At Home Dad as “a learning process,” McCabe seems to already have quite a handle on solo music production. With this collection of songs being McCabe’s first release, one can’t help but be excited for whatever he does next.

Fans of Stay At Home Dad should be sure to check out the upcoming issue of Ampersand to hear thoughts from McCabe on innovation and the Athens electronic music scene.