Wallace, much like his fellow Democratic State of Georgia House Rep. Deborah Gonzalez, is a first-time legislator. He has a background in technology and has lived in Athens for the past 10 years.

Wallace said being here for a decade has allowed him to see how the town has grown, which provides him with a perspective he can add to the legislature.

“Being conscious of that type of growth and what that looks like ... I hope that helps me bring a more balanced perspective when it comes to dealing with those types of [issues of change],” Wallace said.

Wallace grew up in Stockbridge, Georgia, after moving there in 1985 from New Orleans. Although he only lived in New Orleans until he was 8 years old, his time there shaped a lot of his views.

During his time in office, he has had to adjust to his new role.

“It’s almost like having children. When you have a child, they bring so much to the table that you can’t anticipate, and a lot of it is unexpected,” Wallace said. “Some of it is great, and some of it is not so great ... You’re excited that you have the experience.”

He left his previous job due to a lack of flexibility with his schedule as a legislator, which is considered a part-time job. However, after adjusting to his new role in the state Capitol, Wallace is now a principal software engineer for Stitch Fix where he manages a team of software developers.

“Some of it is great, and some of it is not so great ... You’re excited that you have the experience.”

-Jonathan Wallace, State of Georgia District 119 representative

One typical day for Wallace may include going to the Capitol, speaking to students at their school and attending an Athens event all in the same day.

“My calendar has definitely gotten a lot more crowded,” Wallace said. “It’s a call to service, and with that, there’s good and there’s bad. I just hope to do the best job that I can.”

He is running unopposed in the Democratic primary on May 22 for State House District 119.

State House of Representatives serve two-year terms with no term limits. However, Wallace and Gonzalez were elected to their positions in a special election last November.

Wallace urges people to go out and vote for who they want to see in office.

“I’m a huge proponent that the more people who are voting, then more likely we are to get the government that we deserve in some ways,” Wallace said.

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