The outside of Terrapin Brewing Co., in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Reynolds Rogers)

Terrapin Beer Co. has been the “official beer of Twilight,” the annual Athens bike race, for the past two years and is once again providing drinks and assistance for races.

“It really is an event that people like to support, because of what it brings to Athens,” said Ashley Travieso, event director for Twilight Criterium.

The Twilight Criterium will be held on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28. Friday will consist of mostly food, drink and entertainment while all races will take place on Saturday.

Terrapin Beer Co. is the second biggest sponsor and partner behind the Athens Orthopedic Clinic, Travieso said.

Although the Terrapin brewery is not located in downtown Athens, their staff work with distributors that bring Terrapin beer to the event and manage sales.

Staff from many downtown restaurants plan to sets up cafe areas for people to enjoy their meals throughout the weekend. Through the partnership with Terrapin, Twilight collaborates with local businesses by having accounts for those that carry the beer.

“[Terrapin] really help us keep relationships with their accounts, and with the restaurants and bars around the course,” Travieso said. “So it’s a great two way street, where they can bring their accounts a great event, and then their accounts can remain involved with the event.”

Terrapin will also be providing specialty beers throughout the festivities that will be sold in the cafe areas on Washington and Clayton Street. According to Leah Kuck of the Terrapin marketing department, the featured beers will be Luau Krunkles, Golden Ale, RecreationAle and Good to Gose.

“The day of the event, we’re around making sure everyone's got beers and that we’ve got happy people drinking outside and watching bikes,” Kuck said.

Twilight event founder Gene Dixon began a relationship with Terrapin before the brewery on Newton Bridge Road was established in 2007 because of the philosophy behind the brand, Travieso said.

“It’s still a homegrown-driven brewery in Athens,” Travieso said. “So those relationships are still there.”

For this weekend, Terrapin also partners with a local nonprofit community group which provides free event volunteers. 

Members of Jaycees range in age, and believe in “service to humanity,” according to their mission statement, and have worked with Terrapin for two years. 

Athens-Clarke County provides temporary three-day, alcohol-serving permits to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, so Jaycees volunteers act as a liaison between the county and distribution of beer.

Members of Jaycees set up the cafe areas, unload equipment, organize race courses and physically provide Terrapin beer to the people.

Preparation for the event is year-long process, Travieso said. 

So far, More than 800 people total have registered for the races.

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