SPLOST voting will be Tuesday, Nov. 5. (Photo: Kate Skeean)

You’ve seen SPLOST signs, know there’s a vote happening, but what exactly is it? And how do you vote? Here’s what you need to know before hitting the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Where do I vote?

Individuals must be registered to vote within Athens-Clarke County. All regular polling locations will be open 7 a.m.-p.m. You can find a list of polling locations here. Check your My Voter Page for your polling location.

What is SPLOST?

The Special Local Option Sales Tax is a 1% sales tax that subsidizes local capital and infrastructure project costs. A 22-member Citizens Advisory Committee finalized a list of 37 projects which the Mayor and Commission approved in July. The top five most expensive SPLOST 2020 projects are Facilities Space Modernization, Affordable Housing, Classic Center Arena, SPLOST Bond Debt Service and Renewable Energy Project.

What are you voting on?

Residents will only vote on whether or not to keep the local sales tax at 8%. If the vote passes, SPLOST 2020 collections will begin April 1. Voters do not choose which projects will be funded. Instead, it’s a yes or no vote on the entire approved list.

In the past, SPLOST referendums have passed easily in ACC. The 2018 Transportation SPLOST passed with 74% of the vote in November 2017, and an education SPLOST referendum was also passed in November 2011 with 74% of the vote.

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