Signs in the University of Georgia's Legion Pool parking lot denote the site as a COVID-19 surveillance testing site in Athens, Georgia, on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach; @taylormckenzie_photo)

On Wednesday, the University of Georgia reported 1,417 COVID-19 cases for the week of Aug. 31-Sept. 4. Of those, 1,402 were students.

The weekly number of cases increased from 821 after last Wednesday’s report. The university has revised last week’s case count to 919 in order to include test results that were taken during the week of Aug. 24-30 but were not included in last Wednesday’s report.

Since the start of the pandemic, UGA has reported 3,045 total COVID-19 cases.

From Aug. 31-Sept. 4, UGA’s surveillance testing program — which tests students, faculty and staff who are asymptomatic —  reported 125 positive tests, all of which were from students. The university conducted 1,557 surveillance tests during this time period. Students accounted for 1,407 (90.3%) of these tests.

The surveillance testing positivity rate — which measures the percentage of tests that come back positive — rose to 8.03% from 5.36% the week before. The positivity rate has increased each week since UGA started surveillance testing.

The Red & Black reached out to UGA spokesperson Greg Trevor over email about the university’s target positivity rate. Trevor did not give a specific target but said that “a decreasing rate is our ultimate goal.”

In addition to surveillance testing, the university also reported 405 positive tests through its University Health Center testing, which focuses on symptomatic members of the UGA community. UGA does not release testing information for UHC testing, so the positivity rate is unknown.

The DawgCheck app reported that 703 positive COVID-19 tests were conducted outside of Athens and the UGA community. DawgCheck also reported that 184 positive tests were recorded in Athens and other local testing sites. 

The university said that it has increased asymptomatic testing capacity to conduct 450 tests per day starting Sept. 8, which will affect future results. 

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The usual lack of depth in R&B reportage: how many hospitalizations? Any ICU cases? Any deaths? And not just for UGA but for ACC!


Check the graph here. Clarke county was holding steady at 15 until about august 20th and now we are at 35. The deaths rapidly increased after about August 20th.


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