NeSmith reelection announcement courtesy photo

Jerry NeSmith announced his reelection campaign for the Athens-Clarke County District 6 Commission seat in a Feb. 22 press release. (Photo/Courtesy Jerry NeSmith)

Athens-Clarke County Commissioner Jerry NeSmith officially announced his reelection campaign for District 6 , according to a Feb. 22 press release.

NeSmith has served as a commissioner since 2012, according to the release. He ran unopposed in 2016.

“It is time for ACC’s government to balance the budget while lowering the property tax millage rate. It is also time for ACC to favor local and small businesses in its procurement processes,” NeSmith said in the release. “We will be spending over $300M in the next 11 years on SPLOST 2020 projects alone. We need for that money to benefit local businesses and our economy as much as possible.”

NeSmith served on the ACC Planning Commission from 2003 until his election to the commission in 2012, according to the release. He was a founding director of Athens Farmers Market in 2007 and currently represents ACC on the Board of Advantage Behavioral Health Systems. NeSmith is a member of a member of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement.

He retired as director of information technology for research at UGA in 2018, according to the release.

“I will continue to facilitate creating collaborative alliances among business and neighborhood leaders — coalitions that inform my actions and speak with a unified voice,” NeSmith said in the release.

Community activist Jesse Houle announced their candidacy for the District 6 seat on Feb. 12. Houle will challenge the incumbent NeSmith in the May 19 election.

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