2/9 ACC mass precinct meeting

The Athens-Clarke County GOP held its mass precinct meeting to select Republican delegates from each precinct in ACC on Feb. 9.

The Athens-Clarke County GOP held its mass precinct meeting on Feb. 9 in preparation for the local, district and state elections of GOP officials for the 2019 convention cycle.

At the meeting, delegates and alternates from the of the Republican Party were appointed for the different voting precincts of ACC.

After choosing the delegates, each precinct will decide on which delegates will vote at the ACC GOP Convention on March 2, 2019.

Precinct 1B, which holds Gaines School Road and much of the east side of Athens, received six delegates, the most in a single precinct.

Precinct 6A, where Georgia Square Mall resides on the west side of Athens, received the second most representation with five delegates.

In total, ACC GOP had representation from 45 delegates across all precincts.

While anyone registered to vote may become a delegate, delegation runs on a volunteer basis, and a citizen can only become a delegate in the precinct in which they live.

And if no one volunteers to become a delegate within their precinct, that precinct receives no delegates for the county convention.

Six precincts, 1A, 2A, 2B, 4A, 6D and 7B, did not have any representation from the GOP in their precincts.

Stewart Bragg, the recently elected executive director of the Georgia Republican Party, attended the precinct meeting and spoke about the need for the delegation process and the upcoming county convention.

Bragg said the Georgia Republican Party is in the process of moving offices, and the party plans to focus on the enhancement of grassroots initiatives in the near future.

Former chairman of the Georgia Republican Party from 2013-2016, John Padgett, was also in attendance and shared Bragg’s ideas on the importance of electing delegates.

“This is the way we begin our season of politics, working toward the state convention,” Padgett said.

Republican Representative for state House District 117 Houston Gaines, who recently assumed Deborah Gonzales’ seat in the 2018 midterm election, attended the meeting in support of his constituents.

Padgett said the 2019 Republican convention cycle is important because a new Georgia GOP chairman will be elected, as well as all other state officers within the party.

As chairman of Georgia’s GOP, he or she acts as the embodiment of the Republican Party in Georgia and coordinates initiatives across the entire state, and thus the decision rests heavily on who’s chosen.

Padgett also spoke about the importance of winning back seats for the Republican Party in the Georgia House of Representatives.

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