Bikes that are left abandoned on the University of Georgia campus are often donated to BikeAthens as part of their program to give bikes to those in need of transportation. 

University of Georgia students might have had to dig around for a few extra cents for their lunches from now on, considering the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax has gone into effect.

As of April 1, sales tax increased from 7 percent to 8 percent in Athens-Clarke County, meaning workers and customers alike will have to pay slightly higher totals for items on restaurant menus or products in stores across the county.

A $2.50 gallon of milk that would previously cost $2.67, will now cost $2.70. The tax will remain in effect for five consecutive years.

TPSLOST, goes towards improving public transportation and was voted on in the November 2017 elections.

For Athens-Clarke County, major projects they want to work on include the Airport CIP matching funds, transit vehicle expansion and replacement and bus stop and transfer facilities.

According to Lauren Blais, the vice chair of the TSPLOST citizens advisory committee, due to the large amount of land in ACC that the University of Georgia or federal government owns, the funds for these repairs are coming from a sales tax increase, instead of a property tax.

Blais has previously talked about the importance of the sales tax and what it means for the community.

“For a lot of people, these things like sidewalks and bike lanes, which seem like a luxury to those of us who have class privilege, are a necessity because it’s their only option,” Blais said.

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