A police car parked on College Avenue in Athens, Georgia on Thursday, October 3, 2019. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

Employee and manager fight at Bojangles

A fight occurred between an employee and the manager of Bojangles on Lexington Road on Dec. 2 at about 9:35 a.m., according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department incident report. During the fight, the employee’s Versace glasses worth $350 were broken and he lost one of his Apple AirPods. 

The employee told officers the fight ensued after the manager pushed his nose with her finger and he pushed her back. The manager’s account was similar except she said the employee made the first move by poking her on the forehead, according to the report.

The employee told officers that other employees either watched the fight or got involved in it as well, according to the report. 

The employee was fired and barred from the restaurant for two years. The video cameras at the restaurant did not capture the fight clearly, according to the report. 

Drunk driver crashes into another vehicle on College Station Road

A man crashed into another vehicle while driving drunk on Dec. 2 at about 6:35 p.m. on College Station Road, according to an ACCPD incident report. 

The driver of the vehicle the man collided with was entrapped in the vehicle due to the accident. The passenger of the other vehicle told officers the man was driving so fast when he swerved into their lane that the driver had no time to react before the collision. The driver of the other vehicle was transported to the hospital, according to the report. 

The man’s blood alcohol content registered at .11% during a field test, but when officers gave him another test at the ACC jail, it had risen to .28%, according to the report.

Officers took the man to the hospital, then took him back to the jail after he was medically cleared. Multiple witnesses attested that the intoxicated man was driving very fast, and two witnesses told officers he was “darting quickly from lane to lane going around cars without turn signaling,” according to the report. 


Man damages door after friends flatten his tires

An intoxicated man caused $300 worth of damage to a door and threatened his friends after they flattened his car tires to keep him from driving at The Connection apartment complex on The Preserve Drive about 2:30 a.m., according to an ACCPD incident report. 

The man was outside his friends’ apartment and was yelling and repeatedly kicking the front door when officers arrived, according to the report. 

The man’s friends told police they let the air out of his tires to keep him from driving drunk, but called the police after the man threatened to attack them, according to the report. 

The apartment complex chose to press charges against the man for the damage caused and barred him for two years, according to the report.