ACC Cop car

An Athens-Clarke County police car is parked on the street in downtown Athens on March 1, 2018. 

Masked man breaks into liquor store

Athens-Clarke County police responded to an alarm at the Red and Black Package Store on Lexington Road around midnight on March 20.

According to a police report, officers discovered the front door shattered and found no suspects in the store but located a red and black duffle bag.

Police met with one of the store owners to check the security footage.

The video reportedly showed a black male with a pick-axe over his shoulder holding the duffle bag walk up to the store, smash the window and enter the store.

The male reportedly took two bottles of Paul Mason brandy, valued at $22 each, and left. According to the report, the male was wearing a distinctive blue jacket with a large yellow stripe around the middle with a white plastic grocery bag over his head with his eyes and mouth exposed.

Police were not able to locate the man when searching the area.

Two spring break thefts reported

Athens-Clarke County police reported two thefts on March 18 as students came back from spring break this week.

One University of Georgia student told police that sometime between March 9 and March 18, someone entered her unlocked bedroom at The Redlands Apartments and stole an Apple Watch, Beats headphones and a silver Pandora charm bracelet, according to a police report.

Two other UGA students told police that sometime between March 16 and March 18, someone entered the residence and stole several items. According to a police report, when the two students returned, they noticed the residence was unlocked and a side window was left open.

The television in the living room was reportedly missing and drawers have been gone through. Other missing items included a jewelry box, a pearl necklace and earrings, another television, $70 in cash and a iPad 3 Mini.

Police were able to process some of the items for prints, but in both cases, police do not have any known suspects yet, according to the reports.

Man gives false name to police, arrested for drugs

A local man reportedly gave a false name to police when he was stopped on March 22 for driving without valid registration and insurance. 

According to the report, police recognized the car and noticed it was not registered or insured, which led to the initial traffic stop. The officer conducting the stop also knew the driver of the car from a previous shoplifting incident he arrested him for. 

When police asked the driver for his information, the driver gave a false name and incorrect date of birth. When police questioned him further about this, the driver admitted to lying about his information and gave him his correct name and birthday, the report said. 

Police ran his information through their system, where they realized he had an outstanding warrant from Hall County. 

Police then searched the vehicle before allowing to be towed. During the search, police located a spoon, syringe, marijuana pipe and cotton balls that were reportedly associated with heroin, the report said. 

The driver was transported to Clarke County jail and charged for lacking a proof of insurance, giving a fake name and date of birth and possession of drug related objects. 

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