An Athens-Clarke County police car parked outside City Hall on College Avenue in downtown Athens, Georgia on Friday, February 1, 2019. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, http://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Employee steals thousands from Your Pie

The owner of Your Pie on Alps Road suspects an employee stole $6,900 from the business, according to an ACCPD incident report. Surveillance footage shows the employee in question taking $211 from the register at approximately 9:40 p.m. on Sept. 7, the report said.

The employee had put in a four-day resignation notice but continued to work after the four day period had ended. The owner had noticed money disappearing but is unsure if others were involved, according to the report.

Man shoplifts over $900 of Ralph Lauren shirts

A man reportedly shoplifted 17 Ralph Lauren shirts totaling approximately $925 from Belk at Georgia Square Mall on Sept. 11. A loss prevention employee recognized the suspect, who had active warrants from an earlier theft on Sept. 9. according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department incident report.

The man “ditched the bag” containing the stolen items near a vehicle and ran from officers outside the store before being surrounded. The vehicle contained the suspect’s two young children, according to the report.

According to the report, the suspect had one of the children with him during the earlier shoplifting incident on Sept. 9. Approximately $654 of Polo clothing items were stolen during this earlier incident.

For the Sept. 11 incident, the suspect was barred from Belk and the mall for two years and arrested for felony shoplifting, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and reckless conduct for leaving his children unattended in the vehicle. Family members were contacted to retrieve the suspect’s children, the report said.

Bystander comes to aid of intoxicated individual

A bystander saw a group of people going through the car of a “heavily intoxicated” woman and taking items near Columbia Brookside between 7 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. on Sept. 6, according to an ACCPD incident report.

The bystander saw one of the group members “hitting the intoxicated female in the face” and confronted them, according to the report. One of the suspects returned several of the items taken from the car, and the group left. The bystander drove the intoxicated woman to a police officer’s car at Union Store on Nellie B. Avenue

According to the report, the intoxicated woman did not recall much from the incident but stated she had been doing heroin and recognized one of the group members. EMS transported the woman to St. Mary’s Hospital.

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