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A truck struck a person walking across Atlanta Highway at 3:35 a.m. Thursday, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department press release. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, https://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Man Threatened by Unknown Account Over Nude Photos

An unknown person threatened to distribute nude photos of a man if he did not send them $1,000 through CashApp on March 27, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department report.

An unknown Instagram account using a woman’s name requested to follow the man’s account and he accepted. The account then messaged him and asked if he would be willing to exchange nude photos, according to the report.

After the exchange occurred, the person messaged him again saying they were going to “ruin his life” and send his nude photos to his Instagram followers. The account sent screenshots to the man of sending his nude photos to his followers, including his sister, according to the report.

The account demanded the money in order to “unsend” the messages of his nude photos to his followers. The man refused and said he would call the FBI. The account responded that they “[were] the FBI,” according to the report.

The person also sent a screenshot of them posting his photos on an online fundraiser page of his, according to the report.

Fight at Topper’s Strip Club

Two men fought with a security guard outside Topper’s Strip Club on March 14 around 12:15 a.m., according to an ACCPD report.

A police officer was driving by the establishment and saw the security guard fighting with one of the men on the ground. The officer arrested the man, and another police unit found the other man involved with the incident down the road.

Employees reported that the two men tried to enter the club when it was closed and they were asked to leave. One of the men then hit a security guard which started the fight, according to the report.

The two men told police they thought the club was closing at 3 a.m. and decided to enter the club. The men said the security guards were “being rowdy” with them when they tried to enter, and the security guard hit one of them, according to the report.

The two men were arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to jail, according to the report.

Woman attempts to steal $465 in merchandise from Belk

A woman attempted to shoplift about $465 worth of merchandise from Belk on Atlanta Highway by hiding items in her bra and pants around 9 a.m. on April 2, according to an ACCPD report.

Belk employees called police as the loss prevention officer watched the woman shoplifting on the security feed. Police stopped the woman as she was exiting the front door, and the security alarm went off. The woman was wearing a jacket that still had security tags attached, according to the report.

The woman had taken the jacket, five gold bracelets and two sets of earring studs, which she had hidden inside her bra and in the front of her pants, according to the report. The store’s loss prevention officer said the woman had also shoplifted from the store in a prior incident.

The woman allowed police to search her vehicle, and they did not find any other stolen items. Police gave the woman a citation for shoplifting and she was barred from all Belk stores for five years, according to the report.