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 An Athens-Clarke County police car. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, https://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Content Warning: These entries contain graphic and disturbing events. Reader discretion is advised.

Man threatens to kill ex-girlfriend and her family

A man sent text messages to his ex-girlfriend and called her mother threatening to kill both of them and another of their family members on March 27, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department report. 

Police advised the woman to block the man’s number after he showed up at her home and allegedly broke her window during another incident about an hour and a half earlier. The man began texting her from different numbers, according to the report.

Police called the man, who said his ex-girlfriend had “busted his face,” but he hung up after police offered to look at his injuries. He also said the woman had broken her own window, according to the report. 

Police will be seeking warrants against the man, according to the report. 

Woman found dead in home

Police found a woman dead in her home during a welfare check that the woman’s mother had requested on March 21 around 2 p.m., according to an ACCPD report. 

Upon arrival at the home, nobody answered the police’s knock, but the officer entered the unlocked door to find a woman’s body lying on the couch covered in dried blood around the hands, mouth and nose. 

The police officer walked outside of the house and heard the front door lock behind him. When the officer knocked again on the door, a man answered. The man said he had checked on the woman an hour ago and that she had been in the same position all night, according to the report. 

The woman’s mother said she had not heard from her daughter in five days and that her daughter had mentioned not feeling well. The man at the residence said she drank “a lot of vodka every day,” according to the report.  

A coroner pronounced the woman dead from natural causes, according to the report. 

Woman assaults ex-boyfriend, posts Instagram video describing it

A woman posted an Instagram live video describing her breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s home and then assaulting him with a knife on March 26, according to an ACCPD report. 

The man told police the woman slashed his tires with the knife before kicking his door in and swinging the knife at him. The victim had lacerations to both of his thumbs, according to the report. 

The woman took the man’s phone as she left his home. The man’s father was later able to get the phone back. The man showed police a screen-recorded Instagram post from the woman’s account of her describing the attack. In the video, the suspect said she hoped he would bleed out, according to the report. 

Police are seeking warrants against the woman for home invasion, aggravated assault and criminal trespass damage to property, according to the report.