An Athens Clarke County Sheriff's drives down the street on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Joey Duncan)

Men shoplift over $2,000 worth of clothes, TVs and more from Walmart

Two men shoplifted assorted merchandise worth a total of $2,220, including TVs, a large teddy bear and various clothing, from Walmart on Lexington Road on Jan. 6, 9 and 14, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department report.

One of the men was arrested for obstruction and for having previous warrants out for his arrest, and both men were barred from Walmart. According to the report, officers will be seeking warrants on them for shoplifting.

The two men arrived at Walmart on Jan. 6, loading shopping carts with clothes and miscellaneous items worth approximately $750, according to the report. The men came back on Jan. 9 and stole approximately $870 worth of additional clothes and other merchandise. On Jan. 14, the two men stole two TVs valued at approximately $600 total, leaving the store at approximately 6:45 p.m. The men left without paying on all three occasions.

Man instigates fight at Allgood Lounge

A man instigated a fight with seven or eight other men at Allgood Lounge on Jan. 16 at approximately 1 a.m., according to an ACCPD report.

The man was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct for “fighting words,” according to the report.

Several witnesses heard the man use a racial slur to engage a group of men in a fight. The man was intoxicated, and when law enforcement arrived, he had bloody hands, bruises on his face and his shirt was stretched out. Officers did not make contact with anyone else involved in the fight, according to the report.

Woman responsible for hit-and-run while under the influence

An underage drunk driver engaged in a hit-and-run on Jan. 16 at approximately 1:30 a.m. She was issued citations for an underage DUI and a hit-and-run and placed under arrest, according to an ACCPD report.

Law enforcement officers responded to the Golden Pantry on Atlanta Highway in response to a welfare check, and found a woman “screaming and crying” in her car, which had “extensive damage” and a flat tire, according to the report. Officers became aware of a hit-and-run that had occurred on GA Inner Loop 10 near Milledge Avenue, and the woman said she thought what happened to her car happened on the Loop.

The woman told the officers she had four beers earlier in the night and admitted to hitting another car but “didn’t notice it happening.” A breath test showed the woman had a breath alcohol content of 0.228, according to the report. The woman was transported to Clarke County Jail after she was arrested.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated a man instigated a fight at Bad Moon Bar. The call to the police originated from the area of Bad Moon Bar, however, the alleged fight occurred at Allgood Lounge. The Red & Black regrets this error and it has since been fixed.

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