An Athens Clarke County police car sits parked outside the police department on College Avenue in downtown Athens, Georgia on Friday, February 1, 2019. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, http://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Pilgrim’s Pride employee attacked by coworker

A Pilgrim’s Pride employee told police he was at work when his coworker shoved him into a wall and knocked him unconscious around 6 a.m. on June 6, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department police report.

The victim woke up to the suspect stomping on the victim’s chest. The victim shoved the suspect away, and their supervisor broke up the fight. Police noted the victim did not have any noticeable bruises or marks, according to the report.

OB-GYN vandalized with ‘Hitler’ painting

An Athens OB-GYN office was vandalized with spray paint, according to an ACCPD police report.

Police responded to the incident at the office, located on Prince Avenue, around 6:30 p.m. on June 13. The complainant showed the graffiti to the officer, located on an exterior wall of the business near the staff parking area.

According to the report, the officer “observed a very poor spray painting of what appeared to be an attempt at a rendition of Hitler indicative of the iconic mustache,” as well as a damaged security camera. The camera had not recorded any footage of the incident, police were told.

The complainant told police that the business had previously had problems with skateboarders using the parking lot for tricks, damaging walls and curbs in the process. According to the report, the business had taken steps to stop them from using the area, and believed the graffiti may have been in retaliation.

The damage was estimated to be valued at $230.

Port-a-potties tipped over and damaged

Five port-a-potties were tipped over and one was crushed at a construction site on Gaines School Road on June 12, according to an ACCPD police report.

The reporting officer responded to the incident around 2 a.m. A witness had called the police before the officer arrived, claiming to have seen someone operating construction equipment and tipping the toilets over, according to the report.

The witness told police that “it looked like juveniles wearing all black clothing." The estimated value of the port-a-potties was $2,500, according to the report.

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