An Athens-Clarke County police car parked outside City Hall on College Avenue in downtown Athens, Georgia on Friday, February 1, 2019. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, http://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Drunk driver flees law enforcement, drives on wrong side of road

An off-duty officer on their way home stopped to investigate a vehicle facing the wrong direction on U.S. Highway 29 North at Hull Road on Sept. 22 at approximately 4:35 a.m. The headlights were on, and the vehicle rolled forward before coming to a sudden stop, according to an ACCPD incident report.

The driver was “slumped over,” but the officer noticed the driver was still breathing and the vehicle was in drive. The officer parked their marked police vehicle in front of the driver’s vehicle, according to the report.

The officer was able to wake the driver, who “released his foot from the brake,” so that the vehicle came to rest against the police cruiser. The officer instructed the driver to put the car in park, and the driver put the vehicle into park and then hit the accelerator, “causing the engine to rev and peak approximately ten times,” according to the report.

The driver then put the car in reverse and drove backward, nearly striking the officer. According to the report, the officer broke the back driver's side window with their baton and the vehicle “rapidly accelerated” forward, driving along the wrong side of the road.

According to the report, the officer followed the driver for approximately two miles and was able to place the driver under arrest for DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road and attempting to elude law enforcement.

Mother allegedly hits boy with baseball bat after he argues with her sons

A woman allegedly hit a boy with a baseball bat after the boy “tr[ied] to fight” the woman’s sons and refused to leave their property at Highland Park Drive on Oct. 2 at approximately 9:15 p.m., according to an ACCPD incident report.

The mother told police she came outside with a baseball bat because she was “trying to protect her children” from two boys who were attempting to “jump” her sons. She said she told the boy to leave her yard but he argued with her and said, “I don’t have to listen to you bitch,” according to the report.

When she told him to leave again, he allegedly began to “throw punches,” and she hit him with the baseball bat before he could hit her. After being hit with the bat, the boy “grabbed her and threw her on the ground” and began to hit her, and the woman’s sons attempted to get the boy away from their mother.

According to the report, both sons said their mother hit the boy with the bat after he argued with and began yelling at her. They also said they tried to step in when the boy pushed their mother to the ground.

The mother was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She also had warrants from Elbert County, the report said.

Mother notices daughter’s vehicle missing, discovers unidentified person returning vehicle

A mother and daughter discovered another person was repeatedly accessing and driving the daughter’s car on Sept. 22, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department incident report.

The mother told police “her daughter’s vehicle had been moving around in the complex.” She saw the vehicle parked in its usual spot at approximately 8 p.m. on Sept. 22, but when she left the complex around 10:30 p.m., she noticed the car was missing, according to the report.

After the mother, the daughter and the daughter’s roommate drove around the complex several times in the mother’s car, they found the daughter’s car had been returned to where it had previously been parked and the headlights were on. They saw a female exit the car and enter the building where the daughter lives.

The daughter told police there have been three different occasions when she has come out of the building to find her car parked in a different spot than where she left it, but she had never seen someone else in it before. The car has been moved three times since the mother and daughter changed the key at the car dealership approximately two weeks prior. The key was replaced after the car displayed a message stating “car does not recognize key” even though it was the same key the daughter had always used before, according to the report.

According to the report, "there was technology found via the internet that very clearly allows for the ‘spoofing’ of electronic keys” while the officer was on the scene. The family was advised to get a steering wheel lock and cameras to put in and near the car. The officer also recommended that the daughter notes the mileage each time she enters and exits the car in order to compare it the next time she drives it.

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