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The Athens-Clarke County Police Department stands on Lexington Road on Thursday Jan. 28, 2021 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Haleigh Terhune)

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department has released body camera footage from the Feb. 18 officer-involved shooting in which Timothy Daniel Statham, 37, was shot and killed by three ACCPD officers.

The officers who shot Statham were Sgt. Tim Johnson, Ofc. First Class Dustin Tilley and Ofc. Jerold Rogers, according to the video ACCPD released.

Content Warning: This video contains graphic content. 

The video footage was edited to show perspectives of different officers and included commentary from ACCPD interspersed with the body cam footage. 

In the video, Statham exits a truck on the side of the road after police used stop sticks to flatten the truck’s tires. Statham then runs into the woods beside the road. 

Officers then set up a perimeter around the area, according to commentary in the video.

The footage shows an officer sighting Statham and telling him to show his hands. Statham replies, “Get back. Just give me a minute, please.” He then tells officers, “I don’t want none of y’all getting hurt.” Officers continue to tell Statham to show them his hands.

Statham then says to officers, “I’ve got a lot more rounds than every one of y’all.”

Officers called for ballistic shields and additional less-lethal weapons. EMTs were also set up near the incident perimeter, according to commentary in the video.

In the video, Statham says, “I’m tired of everything.” A nearby officer tried to convince him to surrender and let them take him into custody.

The video shows Statham walking slowly toward Senior Police Officer Jamie Jones, appearing to have his hand concealed in his jacket. Jones fires a less-lethal 40mm sponge round at Statham, who does not appear to be affected. Statham then turns toward Jones, who runs from him.

The video then shows Statham moving, but the view is partially obscured by trees. Commentary added to the video says that Statham “moves [his] arms toward [his] body and extends hands into a shooting stance.” Johnson, Rogers and Tilley then fire their guns at Statham. Several overlapping gunshots can be heard in the video.

After shooting, officers approach Statham and continue to yell at him to show them his hands. The image of Statham is blurred, but he appears to be face down on the ground. Police move in and handcuff Statham, who does not appear to be moving. They then call for EMTs to render aid.

An EMT tells police that Statham had no pulse and says to call the coroner. An EMT then says Statham is breathing, and they begin CPR.

Statham died of his injuries on the scene, according to ACCPD’s initial press release regarding the shooting. Per ACCPD protocol, Tilley, Rogers and Johnson were placed on administrative leave as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigates the incident, so they are not on duty for the time being.