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Athens Transit is currently taking recommendations to amend bus routes.

Since its installment of 12 hybrid electric buses on Feb. 23, the Athens Transit will be selling the former 12 buses, which have been in use since 2004 and 2006, to The Classic Center in Athens and the Rogue Valley Transportation District in Oregon.

Two of the retired diesel buses will be sold to The Classic Center for $10,000 each. The Classic Center expressed their enthusiasm to buy the buses in a letter of interest on March 1.

“We are excited about the prospect of acquiring buses and what it means for our ability to better serve our clients and improve guest experience at The Classic Center,” said Paul Cramer, executive director at The Classic Center, in the letter. “This service will also help entice new businesses to Athens to support the community at large.”

Among other tasks, the buses will assist with conventions at the center that need hotel shuttles, according to Cramer.

The remaining 10 retired buses will be sent to Medford, Oregon, to be used for community transportation purposes, according to the letter of interest sent by Julie Brown, the general manager of RVTD, on Jan. 26.

Brown said in the letter that the company has recently expanded its services but does not currently have the infrastructure to accommodate the expansion.

“Since this expansion [of Rogue Valley Transportation District services] will occur next year, we find that we presently do not have the infrastructure for the expansion and were excited that Athens Transit would be selling some vehicles,” Brown said in the letter.

The buses being sent to Oregon were also sold at $10,000 each, resulting in a $120,000 return for Athens Transit.

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