Who Makes Athens. August 27, 2016. Photo/ Lexi Kim

Athens legend William Orten Carlton, otherwise known as “Ort,” died at St. Mary’s hospital Saturday afternoon at 73 years old, according to Flagpole Magazine. 

Carlton was known for his influence on Athens culture, with a deep passion and enthusiasm for craft beer. He was also known for paving the way for the Athens beer scene, a strong foot in the music scene and a timeless essence. 

Often found in bars and sharing his love for the city’s history, Carlton left a lasting imprint on many Athenians. Shannon Byrne shared her love for Carlton in a Facebook post on Saturday. 

“I have a good feeling that, like a stately ancient oak, you'll still be with us for a long time to come. Knowing you, I even half expect a dispatch from the great beyond when the time's right, and so, I will keep tuned to the WORT frequency!” Byrne wrote in the post. “Cheers to you eternally, brilliant Ort — and thank you for all the unconditional friendship you showed us all!”

Carlton contributed to Flagpole for decades, writing on various topics, from beer to road trips. Memorial services have not yet been shared, according to Flagpole. 

Maddie Brechtel is a senior journalism major with minors in Political Science and Spanish and a certificate in Public Affairs. She previously served as campus news editor and news editor. She has won an honorable mention in the Associated Collegiate Press Clips & Clicks Contest. 

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