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Nearly $2,000 of property stolen from student’s vehicle

On Aug. 28, a vehicle parked on the gravel lot of the Intramural Fields was broken into via a shattered passenger side window. Several items from the vehicle, including a MacBook, ear buds, shoes and wallet were stolen. The total value of all stolen items is approximately $1,914.

The driver of the vehicle said the vehicle had been left unattended for approximately one hour. When he came back and noticed his backpack was stolen and window was shattered, he called the police to file a report.

According to the report, the police are further investigating the crime.

Intoxicated male strikes officer in the face

Athens-Clarke County police placed a man under arrest on Sept. 2 after a physical confrontation between the man and police.

Officers were working extra duty at Hedges on Broad when they noticed the man in a fight, and then officers had to escort him to the street.

Officers then called for backup in order to get the man to stop struggling to break free. While struggling, the man “took his right fist” and struck an officer in the face, according to the police report.

Police then deployed a taser on the male, but he continued to flee on foot. Officers were able to detain him after “a brief struggle,” according to the report.

The man continued to “swear at officers” as he was transported to Athens-Clarke County jail.

He was charged with battery for striking an officer in the face as well as a felony obstruction for the strike to the face, and offering violence while ignoring officers.

Unregistered vehicle pulled over, woman found with drugs in bra

Athens-Clarke County police arrested a woman on Sept. 1 for possession of illegal substances after they issued a traffic stop for an unregistered vehicle.

Police issued the stop at Lexington Road and Lexington Heights in regard to the vehicle’s tag not being registered or having insurance. Officers also recognized the tag number from a prior offender police had “so much contact with,” according to the police report.

The driver of the vehicle was the previous male offender’s girlfriend, who told police she was intending to transfer the tag.

Police issued the female a citation for no insurance, having an unregistered vehicle and using a plate to mislead a vehicle’s identity.

Police also noticed a female in the backseat who “seemed extremely nervous,” according to the report. Police had suspicions this woman was providing officers with a fake name, as she did not show up in the system.

The woman then provided police with her real identity, was found to have active arrest warrants and told officers she had pills in her bra.

The pills were in “a small plastic baggie” and were identified as Schedule II controlled substances.

She was placed under arrest for giving officers a false name, possession of Schedule II substances and for having drugs outside of their original container.

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