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ACCPD’s investigation was aided by the community which “came forward with details about the incident,” according to the release. 

University of Georgia entomology professor Marianne Shockley was found dead in a hot tub in Baldwin County at approximately 1 a.m. on May 12 after the homeowner, Clark Heindel, called the police, WMAZ reported.

Marcus Lillard, Shockley’s boyfriend, is charged with murder by strangulation, aggravated assault and concealing the death of another in Shockley's death, according to a police press conference.

Deputies found Lillard and Heindel attempting CPR on Shockley, who was unclothed, when they arrived on the scene. However, the deputy at the scene could not find a pulse on Shockley.

Heindel fatally shot himself when investigators were at the scene.

Shockley and Lillard were at Heindel’s house when the incident occurred. Lillard said he was collecting firewood in the woods, and when he came back, he said Shockley was unconscious. Lillard said Shockley received her head injury after he fell while moving her across the pool deck.

The deputy noted that Lillard’s story was suspicious because the firewood in the woods would have been wet from the rain earlier in the day, and a pile of firewood was already near the pool, WMAZ reported.

Heindel was in the pool at the time; however, he said he only noticed that Shockley was unconscious in the hot tub when Lillard returned. Both of them said they began performing CPR and waited 45 minutes to call 911.

While the deputies and detectives evaluated the scene, Heindel, who was previously on the porch, was found dead in the master bedroom from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to WMAZ.