Athens officials are considering construction of an open-air amphitheatre in downtown Athens, which is just one component of the 2030 Downtown Athens Master Plan.

Athens officials are considering construction of an open-air amphitheatre in downtown Athens, which is just one component of the 2030 Downtown Athens Master Plan.

If funding is given to the project, the amphitheatre is set to be completed by 2030 and was largely designed by Jack Crowley, a professor in the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design, who collected the input from thousands of citizens and students.

Crowley said adding an amphitheatre to downtown Athens would be a way to enhance the music scene the Classic City is known for without “being redundant with an existing facility.”

The amphitheatre would be constructed on the publicly owned hillside above Hickory Street, adjacent to the Classic Center, and would be managed by the center.

Phase one of construction for the amphitheatre would focus on the stage with a “band bus” pullout underneath, covered seating for 1,500 to 2,500 people and an open hillside for an additional 2,500, according to the master plan.

Many feasibility and design studies are still underway for the future venue though, Crowley said.

Voting on funding for the venue will not begin until 2018, which will determine how prioritized the amphitheatre will be among other facets of the 2030 Master Plan.

“Athens is known as a great music and arts town and the plan was designed in part to continue to encourage and enhance both of those assets,” Crowley said.

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