Ippisch, David

David Ellis Ippisch pled not guilty to charges of rape and kidnapping on March 2. (Photo Courtesy/Clarke County Sheriff's Office)

The former owner of popular Athens bars Hedges On Broad and 100 Proof has been granted bail set at $50,000 cash, according to a bail determination order filed in Athens-Clarke County Superior Court Friday.

David Ippisch, 38, pled not guilty in March to charges of rape and kidnapping. The bail order, written by Chief Judge Eric Norris, stipulates Ippisch will wear an ankle monitor and live with his father in Forsyth County. He may not leave Forsyth County other than for doctor’s visits, court appearances and meeting with his lawyers.

Ippisch is also barred from two other Georgia counties. He isn’t allowed to have contact with the victim or any witnesses in the case and can’t possess any firearms or have any firearms at his father’s house, the order said. Ippisch may face additional charges and revocation of his bond if he violates any part of the order.

During a Thursday hearing, Assistant District Attorney Jim Powers presented an interview between Athens-Clarke County Police Department investigator David Norris and an inmate who shared a dorm with Ippisch at the ACC Jail in December 2019. In the interview, the inmate told David Norris that Ippisch asked the inmate if he knew someone who could “eliminate my [Ippisch’s] problem.”

There was no corroboration of the inmate’s allegation presented during the hearing Thursday.

After hearing testimony and evidence from Tuesday to Thursday, Eric Norris decided Ippisch no longer poses risks to the community, he said in the order. However, he said during the hearing that the inmate’s allegation was very disturbing.

The case was set to go to trial July 6, but that date may be moved. The state’s COVID-19 judicial emergency order, which prohibits summoning new trial jurors, lasts through June 12. That order has already been extended twice.

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