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Former District 117 Representative Deborah Gonzalez organized a meeting on March 8 at Ted's Most Best to discuss the bill and collect signatures, following the passing of the "heartbeat" abortion bill in the Georgia House. (Photo/Miranda Daniel, mirandadanielphoto@gmail.com)

Former Georgia House District 117 Representative Deborah Gonzalez announced her candidacy to run for district attorney in the Western Judicial Circuit, which serves Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties, on July 10.

In a YouTube video posted on her social media, Gonzalez mentioned criminal justice reform, transparency, community collaboration and breaking the cycle of incarceration as key issues.

“It should not be the case that you are more likely to see the inside of a jail cell, because of your race or your zip code,” Gonzalez said in the video.

Additionally, ending cash bail, not prosecuting children as adults and treating “mental illness and addiction, instead of criminalizing it,” are issues Gonzalez wants to address.

In 2017, Gonzalez defeated Republican candidate Houston Gaines for House District 117, a seat that was uncontestedly Republican since 2002. In 2018, Republicans took the seat back as Gaines defeated Gonzalez.

During her time as a state Rep., Gonzalez supported and passed HB 834, which allows domestic violence victims to terminate their leases without financial repercussions, SR 146, which proposed certain rights for victims who have been harmed from an illegal act and voted for SB 407, cash bail reform.

Ken Mauldin has served as the Western Circuit District Attorney since 2000. The election will take place in May 2020.

“People may claim that the system is broken, but is it? Or is it working exactly the way it’s designed to, which let’s be candid, is often neither fair nor just,” Gonzalez said in the video. “I know how to fix it and I’m willing to put the work needed to get it done.”

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Unfortunately, Gonzalez has no criminal law experience. If she really wants to make a difference maybe she should work as a prosecutor for a bit before running for the top slot. I guess she had nothing better to do after losing to Gaines. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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