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AADM co-founder Mokah Jasmine Johnson addresses a protest crowd on Sept. 4. Johnson's campaign for state house district 117 was recently endorsed by former US President Barack Obama. (Photo/ Kathryn Skeean, kskeean@randb.com)

Former President Barack Obama endorsed Mokah Johnson’s campaign for House District 117, among several other Democratic political candidates across the country on Friday in a post on Medium.

Friday’s list was Obama’s second wave of endorsements for the upcoming 2020 election, after he released the first wave on Aug. 3. The first wave did not include candidates in Georgia.

Obama’s other endorsements from Georgia include Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senate, Lucy McBath and Carolyn Bourdeaux for U.S. House and Sara Tindall Ghazal, Nakita Hemingway, Regina Lewis-Ward, Robert Trammell, Joyce Barlow and Matielyn Jones for State House.

“I’m proud to endorse these outstanding Democratic candidates who will work to get the virus under control, rebuild the economy and the middle class, and protect Amercians’ health care and preexisting conditions protections from Republican assault,” Obama said in the post. “They’re dedicated to shoring up and strengthening our democracy, a project that’s going to take time and require all of us –- but it begins by electing Democrats right now.”

“I never thought I’d see my name on a ballot. To be honest, I didn’t always believe that my vote mattered. Barack Obama changed that for me,” Johnson tweeted after receiving the endorsement. “He’s the first politician who I believed in. I’m proud to have his endorsement and continue the fight for justice, equity and education.”

“The Mokah for Georgia campaign is proud to receive President Barack Obama’s endorsement. From the beginning we have focused on three things: justice, equity, and education from our community,” said Aditya Krishnaswamy, Johnson’s campaign manager. “People across the district, even our country, see how our current leaders are holding us back. The time is now for bold progress and fearless leadership for our community.”

Krishnaswamy said the campaign was canvassing the Knights Bridge Mobile Home community during a socially-distanced community outreach event when they heard about the endorsement. They celebrated for a moment, then Johnson got back to speaking to residents about her platform.

Election Day is on Nov. 3. The Red & Black has compiled information on how Athens-Clarke County voters can cast their ballot in the upcoming election.

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