Raffensperger Cap 10:30

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a press conference at the Georgia State Capitol on Friday. (Photo/screenshot—livestream recording for the press conference on WGXA.tv's Facebook page)

As of Friday morning, former Vice President and Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden increased his lead over President Donald Trump in the state of Georgia. The state has not turned blue since 1992. 

The Georgia Secretary of State Office’s Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling announced 4,169 outstanding votes in the state. Today is the final day to cure absentee ballots and collect and count military and overseas ballots. 

“As we are closing in on a final count we are looking at the next steps. With a margin that small, there will be a recount in Georgia,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said. 

However, Sterling said he does not expect the U.S. Senate race between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff to qualify for a recount. Currently, neither candidate has 50% of the votes, so the two are set to head to a runoff election.

Raffensperger said monitors are being allowed to watch the counting of the remaining ballots. If any credible accusations or concerns are raised, they will be investigated, he said.

On Thursday, Trump claimed the election counting process was run by Democrats.

Sterling said Raffensperger, as well as himself and others in the office, are Republican. He added that all in the process have the job to “count every legal vote and follow the law” regardless of party affiliation.

“I’m not going to get into the president’s mindset on that,” Sterling said.

Sterling anticipates the state will get closer to a final result by this weekend. Although final votes in Georgia should be counted before the end of November, Sterling said potential lawsuits could affect the timeline.

“I think we’re going to make T-shirts saying ‘I survived the 2020 election,’” Sterling said.