Voters are socially distanced and stand behind screens to have privacy while voting at Clarke Central High School on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in Athens, Georgia. Volunteers and Voters were required to wear masks while in the building. (Photo/Mackenzie Miles; mlm21051@uga.edu)

Both amendments to the Georgia state constitution and statewide referendum have passed in this year’s general election, according to unofficial results from the Georgia Secretary of State. 

Amendment one, which authorizes the dedication of taxes and fees to be used for their intended purpose, won with 81.6% of the votes marked “yes.” This results means the money collected by the state of Georgia is restricted to only being used for its original purpose. Clarke County residents voted in favor of the amendment with 85.2% of voters voting “yes.” 

Amendment two passed with 74.4% of the votes being “yes.” This means sovereign immunity will be waived and allows citizens to sue the government without the government first having to give consent. 

Clarke County residents voted majority “yes” for the amendment with 78.8% supporting waiving sovereign immunity. 

The statewide referendum which permits a property tax exemption for 501(c)(3) charities that build or repair single family homes. The referendum passed with 73.1% of the votes being “yes” votes. This result means that property owned by these charities will be exempt from property taxes. 76.5% of Clarke County residents voted in support of the referendum.