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In the May 22 primary election, residents of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, which encompasses Athens, will have the opportunity to vote for their U.S. representative.

Incumbent Jody Hice, Bradley Griffin and Joe Hunt will be the Republican candidates on the ballot. Tabitha Johnson-Green, Chalis Montgomery and Richard Dien Winfield will be the Democratic candidates on the ballot.

Tabitha Johnson-Green, a registered nurse in Washington County, said she wants to represent the the common “lifestyle and struggles of the everyday citizen” of the people in Georgia's 10th Congressional District.

Johnson-Green qualified last month as a moderate Democratic candidate for the district.

Johnson-Green has been a registered nurse for the past 20 years and owns Green Team Non-Emergency Medical Transport company based out of Washington County.

On weekends, Johnson-Green works part-time at PruittHealth-Old Capitol, a nursing and rehabilitation center in Louisville.

Being in the medical field, Johnson-Green said she has seen the structural problems of the healthcare system on a daily basis, such as seeing patients, who are living in poverty, barely making co-pays to rural hospitals closing their doors at “alarming rates.”

“Every American deserves access to quality healthcare. As it stands now, healthcare insurance coverage and co-pays are outrageously priced,” Johnson-Green said. “As a nurse of 20 years, I’ve seen people who cannot afford quality access to healthcare.”

In addition, she hopes to address education reform if elected.

“I hope to implement reform to our education system, starting from Pre-K all the way to graduate school. Everyone deserves access to higher education,” Johnson-Green said. “I believe by having a more educated population, it could eliminate some of the problems that are present today like poverty and gun violence.”

Johnson-Green said the proposed legislation currently in Congress is not the type of education reform the country needs.

She cited House of Representative Bill 899 which, if passed, terminates the Department of Education at the end of this year.

“Terminating the Department of Education would be a travesty,” Johnson-Green said. “The Department of Education provides federal funding for school to individual students from pell grants to federal student financial aid. Without that aid, millions of people cannot afford to go to school in higher education. Everyone deserves access to higher education.”

Johnson-Green said she entered the political sphere solely because she hopes to enrich the lives of others, regardless of race, education, or socioeconomic level by “shaping and defining the laws that govern our everyday lives and circumstances.”

She hopes both political parties will be able to work together to enact these changes she envisions.

“It doesn’t matter if your Democrat or Republican ...we need to work together for the common good of everyone,” Johnson-Green said. “We need to put away our differences, because when it’s all said and done, it’s all about improving American lives.”

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