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After months of construction, the new location of Mama’s Boy will open on Monday, Oct. 16 in The Falls of Oconee Shopping Center on Macon Highway. Cooper Hudson, co-owner of the restaurant, said she and the staff are excited to serve people at their new location.

The new restaurant will be able to seat around 200 guests between their indoor and outdoor seating spaces, which Cooper said will make weekend crowds and event hosting much easier.

“In the Oak Street location, I think we can fit 40 to 45 over there, so if someone wants to have their rehearsal dinner there, we can’t have a large group,” Cooper said. “But at the new location, we have about 98 seats inside, and we have outdoor seating potentially for the same.”

When comparing opening their new location to when they opened the original Mama’s Boy, Cooper said she is faced with a completely different kind of anxiety.

“When the first one opened it was no big deal, nobody knew who we were or that the food was good so we kind of opened, and we got to slowly build a clientele until 11 years later where we’re bursting busy,” Cooper said. “Of course there’s still the worry that people won’t show up, but it’s a different kind of worry.”

Cooper said trying to open a the new location while also maintaining the original location presented many challenges for her and the staff.

“It’s one thing when you open one from scratch because you don’t already have a job,” Cooper said. “We’ve had a great experience with our landlord and our contractor. They did a beautiful job, and they took a lot of the stress off of us for worrying about what needs to happen.”

While working to open the new location, Cooper said the employees of Mama’s Boy were a crucial part of being able to finish the project.

“We have all these great managers and employees that have worked harder than normal to get it done,” Cooper said.

On opening day, Cooper said around 25 to 30 newly trained employees would be working. She said as excited as she is to open, she hopes everything runs smoothly and the staff isn’t overwhelmed with customers.

“The new location is big, so I’m worried that we could just get slammed,” Cooper said. “The wait staff is new. They’ve all worked a lot of shifts at Mama’s Boy, but they were just training shifts. I’m sure they’ll do great, I’m happy with all of them, I’m just nervous.”

The new employees had a chance to work in the new location for a short time, said Cooper, during their soft openings which took place the week before the official opening.

“During our soft openings, friends and family will come and basically be guinea pigs so we can work out hopefully all the kinks,” Cooper said.

Cooper said she hates hearing when people choose not to go to Mama’s Boy because they are unable to find a parking spot or the crowd is too big and hopes the new location alleviates some of the stress.

“I’m hoping we’ll have people come when they drive by the other location and can’t get in. I would just like for everyone who wants to eat to eat there and enjoy it and have a great time,” Cooper said. “It’s just so important to the staff and me that we give everyone a good day.”

Cooper said she feels confident in her, her partner and staff’s ability to do good work.

“If there’s anything we know how to do, it’s how to run a Mama’s Boy restaurant,” Cooper said.

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